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Trio Sings "Shine" & Tap Dances

A trio of singers, one playing guitar, sing "Shine" in a nightclub setting. One of the singers tap dances and falls at the finale. The scene dissolves to a quick shot of people dancing in the club, followed by an exterior of neon lights heralding Major Bowes' Amateur Night.

Duration1 min, 2 sec
Keywordsschmaltzy, corny, vintage, tap dance, slapstick, amateur hour, tap dancing, Male, stereotype, Man, dancer, racism, music, racist, musician, politically incorrect, singer, Vintage, fall, nightclub, falling, pratfall, Dance, contest, neon, schmaltz, major bowes, guitarist, show, amateur contest, light, dance, man, guitar, male, contestant, unknown, unidentified, harmony, kitschy, kitsch, singing, shine, amateur night, Fall, Light, tap dancer, marquee, Dancing, trio, sing, comical, dancing, comedy, offensive