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Nude Skiing

Several shots of men and women skiing in the nude. Mostly shots of rear ends, though a few flashes of nipples. Individuals, couples, and groups ski down scenic mountain. A man acts nonchalant as a woman dresses, then they embrace in a passionate kiss. Very kitschy stuff.

Duration2 min, 49 sec
Keywordsbreast, barenaked, couple, nudism, vintage, man, nipple, cop a feel, pole, cigarette, Mountain, sexy, woman, scenic, hug, Smoke, snow, smoke, hugging, cigaret, romance, Male, derierre, feel, Man, bottomless, kissing, skiing, Ski, clothe, affectation, skier, disrobe, chalet, Clothes, topless, Vintage, Smoking, goofy, winter, Woman, nonchalant, Kiss, romantic, female, embracing, cold, fun, nudists, passion, mountain, clothes, naked, Female, nude, cleavage, male, feeling, kiss, embrace, petting, funny, bottom, smoking, cabin, silly, letterbox, copping a feel, ski, passionate, comedic, rear end, pet, behind, bare