Budget Films

Stock Footage

Bowling, Tennis, Golf

Montage of sports clips from the roaring twenties: a bowling ball is tossed down an alley, two men play tennis in front of a tudor building, possibly at Forest Hills, a golfer chips out of tall grass, Bobby Jones drives a ball, several shots of spectators at a golf tournament, Bobby Jones sinks putt.

Duration26 sec
Keywordsroaring twenties, putter, vintage, bowl, racket, golfer, golfing, net, crowd, handshake, knicker, alley, spectator, play, playing, Sport, driving, shaking hands, sports, tournament, bowling, Crowd, Bowl, sport, championship, Handshake, putting, volley, bowler, bobby jones, forest hills, pin, lane, caddy, chip, drive, icon, tennis player, hero, caddie, golf course, tennis, Forest Hills, match, Vintage, putt, Bobby Jones, driver, champion, flag, bowling ball