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Till Then

A woman hold the reins sitting in atop a cart. One man allows soils to fall from his hand as another watches. Closeup of man tilling soil with ox-drawn plow. Sheep graze in green meadow. Man holds reins behind horses pulling tree trunk through woods. Shot in gorgeous Kodachrome.

Duration24 sec
KeywordsSit, lugging, vintage, Sheep, stick, Kodachrome, woman, reins, work, plow, kodachrome, Female, idahoan, mid fifties, grueling, Male, soil, blade, tree, trunk, Man, Tree, twentieth century, seated, driving, lamb, dragging, sitting, 20th Century, sit, pouring, idaho, green, pour, horse, Farm, farm, hillside, sand, farmer, Woman, workhorse, rein, female, buggy, Work, steer, sheep, dirt, inspect, forest, Twentieth Century, 20th century, herd, man, drive, lug, graze, male, hard, Horse, inspecting, farming, Idaho, cart, cultivate, Vintage, drag, colorful, plowing, grazing, till, primitive, tilling, labor