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Ins & Outs Of An Airplane

Various shots of an airplane including the pilot giving an explaning to a group of ladies how the plane flies, a stewardess walking down the aisle making sure the passengers are all comfortable, a man relaxing reading a newspaper, pilots and crew in the cockpit, the plane's control board and take-off.

Duration1 min, 15 sec
Keywordsair, piloting, controls, vintage, engine, instrument panel, serve, meter, american astrojet, control board, flight attendant, woman, flight crew, Female, Male, stewardess, dial, exhaust, Man, serving, passenger, plane, read, reading, aisle, newspaper, airplane, aircraft, male, hokey, female, hostess, gender role, copilot, runway, taking off, man, airline, takeoff, transportation, crew, pilot, cockpit, relax, funny, travel, wing, tarmac