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Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Several shots in studio and on location of two men rowing a boat. Interspersed with drawings and paintings of men in rowboat, New York City skyline. Low angle shot of Statue of Liberty. Two shots of lightning flashing across dark sky.

Duration1 min, 34 sec
GenreDocumentary , Fiction
Keywordsrain, Twentieth Century, vintage, new York city, rough, Sleep, Famous, row, rowing, harbor, Statue, weather, new york, flight, paddle, grueling, Norway, coast, etching, Water, boat, hull, Ocean, tattoo, icon, buoy, ocean, Flight, city, sky, beard, Harbor, stroke, bird, Vintage, New York, drawing, soar, flash, lightning, flashing, new York, hardship, oar, Fly, New York City, statue of liberty, fly, Statue of Liberty, statue, twentieth century, skyline, Sky, Male, 20th century, rainy, sleep, man, Skyline, sleeping, male, Bird, tired, Weather, Man, rowboat, new york city, City, Boat, low angle, coastal, tatoo, Statue Of Liberty, choppy, raincoat, 20th Century, norway, water, raining, dark, famous