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Dramatized Archduke Ferdinand

Map of Europe prior to the start of WW I. Still photo of Franz Josef I, emperor of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Actor portraying Archduke Ferdinand preens in mirror. Several shots of Ferdinand shooting rifle, intercut with real chamois and animals killed tumbling down hillside. Two shots of crosses adorning military cemetery. POV shots from front of locomotive traveling down tracks. Several building exteriors in Vienna. Overhead shot, presumably of Archduke's last motorcade in Sarajevo. Good historic footage of city on day of assassination. Cheesy shots of middle-aged assassin firing rifle, Archduke Ferdinand slumping over in car. Two shots of panicking crowds racing through streets. Years of WW I superimposed over flying biplanes. Montage of battlefield explosions and mortar being fired.

Duration2 min, 47 sec
GenreDocumentary , Fiction
Keywordsrailroad tracks, vintage, animal, mirror, archduke ferdinand, assassination, Archduke Ferdinand, waterfall, sarajevo, empire, hunter, Bosnia, wwI, cemetery, Austria Hungary, running, World War 1, crowds, buildings, World War One, WWI, shooting, austro-hungarian empire, First World War, hunting, emperor, franz joseph, Austro-Hungarian Empire, wwi, Prince, vanity, low production values, Franz Josef, pocket watch, vienna, austria hungary, preening, prince, Sarajevo, Empire, chamois, world war one, Franz Joseph, first world war, world war 1, Vintage, cheesy, goat, Emperor, panic, crosses, Crowds, Vienna, field