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Stock Footage

Nighttime Car Chase

Various shots show a nighttime chase by a police car of a fleeing vehicle. Gunfire flashes from the windows of the suspects' car. Shot shows it swerving across a highway. Brief driver's POV shot. WS shows car bouncing down a rocky hillside. Police car comes to a stop, doors open, cops emerge. Cops use a flashlight to examine the suspects lifeless bodies, thrown out of their car onto the ground. One cop says, "Holy smoke, it's the new district attorney!"

Duration1 min, 8 sec
Keywordsvintage, highways, roads, crash, police, Holy smoke - it's the new district attorney!, flashlights, reckless, driving, guns, chasing, cliffs, gunfire, Vintage, soundbite, audio, accidents, shooting, chase, nights, Accidents, nighttime, victims, injured, cop, cops, crashes, crime, Crash, Guns