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Time-Lapse Near Macy's, NYC

Pedestrians and traffic mix on the street outside of Macy's in NYC. Some people carry umbrellas in a light rain. Vivid time-lapse footage.

Duration9 sec
Keywordsrain, department store, Street, police cars, fast, landmark, new York city, crowd, stressful, busy, cabs, taxis, 34th Street, Macy's, stress, Manhattan, streets, Busy, Crowd, pedestrian, NYC, crowds, department stores, New Yorker, traffic, contemporary, New York City, midtown, manhattan, New Yorkers, 34th St., store, rainy, taxi, umbrellas, nyc, stores, time-lapse, street, cab, People, hurrying, new york city, crowded, police car, hurry, umbrella, people, Midtown, Crowds, landmarks