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What Goes Up...

A plane nose-dives off a cliff. A pilot runs across a field attached to a glider that won't go airborne. He falls. Another flying contraption is operated with pedals and has flapping wings. It tumbles upside down. Another failed prototype flaps and bounces. An oddball plane with multiple wings collapses.

Duration1 min, 14 sec
Keywordsfrustrating, vintage, on-screen playback, channel surfing, flight, airplanes, flying, frustration, History, wings, Airplanes, experiments, cliffs, Vintage, early, falling, attempts, flapping, Aviation, flaps, history, experimental, Flight, jumping, gravity, failing, Wings, Experimental, aviation, comic, silly, weird, flying machines, humorous, goofball, leaping, futility, failures, offbeat, gliders