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Havana & Sugarcane

Various establishing shots of Cuba, circa 1960. An aerial shot looks down on the Cuban coastline. Another aerial shows a large building with towers, the Hotel Nacional of Cuba. In Havana, a shot of the Cuban Congress building with its large dome fills the screen. A street vendor pushes his load of fruit. Two farm workers use machetes to harvest sugarcane. POV shot from moving vehicle shows sugarcane fields. A small truck loaded with harvested cane moves away from the camera. Brief shot shows another Havana hotel.

Duration40 sec
KeywordsOceans, vintage, coasts, Latin America, congress, pushcarts, Tropical, cities, vendors, oceans, Hotel National, Congress, aerials, domes, street vendors, city, buildings, latin america, Carribean Sea, fields, sugar cane, history, machetes, cuban, laborers, Cuba, Hotel Nacional, coastlines, Cuban, Havana, peasants, farmworkers, farms, harvests, farming, agriculture, crops, havana, cuba, trucks, City, History, Vintage, tropics, tropical, hotels, landmarks