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Arabs Train For War

After the U.N. orders the partition of Palestine, Arab volunteers prepare for war. Arab men file past a soldier and take rifles from him. Two men, who have the look of raw recruits, drill with rifles as boys and men look on. Recruits kneel and take target practice as boys watch. WS shows more men aiming rifles in desert landscape. Soldiers hold their arms outstretched, poised to throw grenades.

Duration1 min, 2 sec
KeywordsIsrael, vintage, United Nations, aiming, united nations, Zionism, partition, men, Palestine, Jews, resolutions, children, onlookers, raw recruits, palestine, jews, zionism, Palestinians, Wars, Jewish, volunteers, israel, soldiers, Vintage, grenades, shooting, history, UN, rifles, Army, army, militias, firing, Rifles, watching, armies, Zionists, drilling, Children, History, wars, boys, weapons, jewish, training, Men