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Fires & Firefighting

People line up on street, awaiting a fire truck. Shot from fireman's POV shows hook and ladder careening down street. More shots show trucks arriving at nighttime fire. Shots show apartment buildings on fire, flames leaping out of windows, billowing smoke. High on a ladder, a fireman aims a hose. WS shows urban street scene with active fire. Firemen enter building. One of them wears a gas mask. Fireman rescue an African American man. A woman shows shock on her face.

Duration53 sec
Keywordsvintage, shock, fires, smoke, cities, flames, rescue, fireman, ladders, emergency, city, buildings, urban, emotions, hoses, douses, African American, african american, dousing, sadness, gas masks, nighttime, night, victims, firefighters, compassion, kindness, apartment buildings, trucks, emergencies, water, bravery, rescuing, firemen