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New Year's Party

Showgirls sing and dance to a racially offensive song at a New Year's party in a saloon set in 1920. A woman with feather boa and cigarette holder talks with two tuxedoed Brits at the bar.

Duration1 min, 21 sec
Keywordsdrinking, accompany, vintage, accompaniment, cigarette, band, New Year's Eve, saloon, cigarette holder, partying, revelry, Dance, smoke, cigaret, floozy, mix, bar, racism, englishman, music, racist, musician, British, brit, accent, drink, accompanying, feather, coal black mammy of mine, Vintage, revel, Smoking, reveler, Celebration, blackface, boa, tuxedo, fun, new year, sign, celebrate, celebration, bartender, ethnic, dance, Smoke, new year's, british, chorus line, sing, singing, english, showgirl, party, new year's eve, instrument, smoking, partier, Dancing, Drink, English, dancing, Bar, offensive, mixing, minstrel