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Stock Footage

Rundown New York Neighborhood

Various shots show the South Bronx at its lowest ebb in the 1970's: abandoned buildings, rubble-strewn empty lots. In the Bronx, a man rides his bicycle under the El train. Camera looks up at tracks. A train is seen from a platform. More footage shows pedestrians and street vendors on 125th St. in Harlem.

Duration2 hr, 51 min
Keywordsdeserted, burned out, vintage, graffiti, harlem, devastation, Ruins, aerial, sidwalks, new york, new York city, cities, neighborhood, blacks, passenger, The Bronx, aerials, pedestrian, NYC, ruins, street vendors, city, el train, rubble, New York, urban, elevated trains, 125th St., Harlem, tracks, empty, abandoned, bicycles, rundown, New York City, South Bronx, slums, African American, african american, apartment buildings, City, platforms, Devastation, stores, debris, new York, poverty, buses, new york city, busses, Vintage, nyc, tenements, burnt out, empty lots, urban crisis, 70's, subway trains, Blacks, bikes