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Inuit, Bald Eagle, Totem Pole

A native Alaskan in authentic dress standing in front of a lake with mountains in the background. A bald eagle perched on a pine branch. Closeup of eye on totem pole.

Duration16 sec
Keywordsart, sculpture, Costume, anthropology, Alaska, united states, native dress, Male, Sculpture, tree, United States, Man, Tree, eye, adornment, pine, male, dress, decoration, Clothes, bird, branch, craft, animal skin, alaska, contemporary, perch, totem pole, bald eagle, twentieth century, woodwork, fierce, Anthropology, endangered species, inuit, 20th century, Inuit, serious, man, Indian, United states, native, Bird, symbol, Native American, costume, Eye, frown, native american, alaskan, clothes, perched, indian