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North To Alaska

Wide shot and closeup of man catching a fish in lake. A salmon leaps upstream. A brown bear eats fish in water. People hike along icy shore. Zoom out from dog sled team pulling man through ditch. A bald eagle is perched on stump. Rainbow spans forest. Snowcapped mountain rises above clouds. A musk ox trudges through the snow. Eagle lands on the snow.

Duration35 sec
Keywordsanimal, touchdown, scenic, waterfall, Nature, Tree, Dog, Walk, sky, alaska, outside, outdoors, landing, hill, bear, Fish, chewing, Mountain, eating, sled, eat, eagle, tranquil, Water, Sled, Hill, shore, beach, biting, bite, bald eagle, beauty, path, upstream, isolated, peaceful, fish, serenity, perch, smile, smiling, happy, perched, snowcapped, dog sled, snowcap, rod, man, team, United states, male, mud, horns, brown, gray sky, span, silhouetted, rainbow, beauty shot, sprots, sportsman, drag, fly fishing, spanning, walking, fishing line, harnass, nature, walk, water, silhouette, beautiful, Brown, grass, tranquility, day, Alaska, united states, outdoor, sledding, Beach, United States, Sport, fisherman, chew, fishing, sport, reel, bird, land, Eat, contemporary, trees, mountain, Catch, puddle, catch, rapids, Salmon, salmon, leaping, dog, Fishing, field, lake, Male, Man, Outdoor, Outdoors, pull, dragging, tree, Chew, icy, ice, floe, twentieth century, Sky, serene, buffalo, 20th century, Bird, shrub, scenery, leap, alaskan, pulling