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Beautiful Downtown Juneau

An exterior shot of the Alaska state captial. Several shots of business and residential buildings in Juneau, Alaska, including a glass skyscraper, the Red Dog Saloon. Closeup on swinging barroom doors. Closeup of hand spinning a roulette wheel. Sign for Alaskan Hotel. Interior of ornate bar. Man and woman converse in period costumes. Tourists on shore watch ice floes from Mendenhall Glacier.

Duration1 min, 42 sec
KeywordsStairway, structure, scenic, Costume, state, Walk, alaska, outside, street, hill, woman, pub, Hill, shore, pedestrian, city, 19th century, woods, bar, romantic, stairway, sign, City, man, Skyline, male, cityscape, walking, walk, flag, commercial, Alaska, building, outdoor, romance, bus, tavern, bartender, dress, Street, glacier, office, business, female, forest, Juneau, captial, red dog saloon, ceiling fan, office building, barroom, chunk, state capital, turn of the century, mendenhall, dressing up, Stairs, contemporary, Female, Column, lake, Male, Business, swinging, Man, Outdoor, scenery, swing, snowy, Woman, stairs, snow, Building, ice, floe, twentieth century, skyline, 20th century, column, pillar, Office, costume, ornate, exterior, door, staircase, alaskan