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Ticker Tape Falls On MacArthur

Tons of confetti and ticker tape swirl around Douglas MacArthur as NYC gives him a wild ticker tape parade. Numerous shots show the general waving from his convertible, crowded streets, the paper saturated sky. Also, quick shots of MacArthur standing at a podium with the South Korean president. And, Pres. Truman pins a medal on MacArthur's chest.

Duration27 sec
DateApril 20 1951
Keywordsvintage, wave, united states, newsreel, crowd, handshake, waving, United States, shaking hands, confetti, Broadway, convertible, ticker tape parade, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, NYC, famous, historic, history, New York City, South Korea, Korean War, new york city, medal, president, five star general, 5 star general, President, Harry S. Truman, Syngman Rhee