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Andrea Doria & Stockholm Crash

Dramatic footage before and after the Andrea Doria and the SS Stockholm collided on a foggy night including a captain in silhouette pulling the fog horn, a radioman tapping a message, the ships after the crash (the Andrea Doria sinks) and rescued passengers on the gangplank. Also shots of the ships in better times.

Duration3 min, 12 sec
KeywordsEurope, European, Ile de France, vintage, Adriatic Sea, telegraph, Morse Code, ile de france, fog, SS Stockholm, wireless, foggy seas, foggy, engine room, passenger ship, tapping, boat captain, Genoa, sink, crash, passenger boat, Italian, rescue, gauge, europe, ocean, gauges, Ocean, ship, Fog, Disaster, Vintage, Sink, Man, whistle, Ile De France, Andrea Dorria, morse code, Lifeboat, Ship, shipwreck, catastrophe, Italy, lifeboat, fog horn, man, captain, Rescue, steamship, swim, Crash, swimming, disaster, sinking, italy, european, Captain, luxury liner, silhouette, italian