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Flooding, Flooding & More

News of flooding w/ high waters going through towns, rushing water, a man holding on to a rescue rope being pulled onto a porch, families saying goodbye, rowboats, a destroyed railroad bridge, people building levees & sandbagging, a thawing river w/ ice blocks and abandoned pets.

Duration3 min, 27 sec
Keywordsrain, vintage, sandbag, Disaster, raging, railroad bridge, town, pet, cat, goodbye, Water, snowing, News, rescue, Levee, Destruction, Cat, damaged, Damage, flooded, flood, Street, flooding, city, Vintage, winter, dog, rushing, snow, ice, natural disaster, cold, catastrophe, scared, City, snow melt, levee, Flood, levaing, feline, street, Natural Disaster, Weather, depart, Rescue, rescuer, rowboat, canine, raining, destroyed, Sandbag, destruction, sandbagging, disaster, Dog, news, leave, weather, water, departing, rescuing, damage