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Armies In Russian Civil War

Scenes from the Russian civil war: Orthodox clergymen bless troops, close-ups of officers, a soldier accepts a flag in a battlefield ceremony, a soldier wearing a funny hat salutes on horseback, cavalry troops charge, Leon Trotsky shakes hands and salutes massive assemblage of troops before addressing them from a platform, Trotsky's bayonet-toting troops chant back responses, soldiers load supplies before boarding various trains.

Duration1 min, 25 sec
Keywordsbayonet, vintage, throng, Politician, handshake, revolution, officer, Politics, shaking hands, civil war, Crowd, Political, ceremonial, Chant, mob, Ceremony, rifle, uniform, gun, transportation, shake hands, hat, military, Communism, passionate, chant, chanting, Communist, leader, loading, religious, religion, salute, epic, crowd, soviet, Transportation, embarking, huge, horseback, Soviet, horse, impassioned, solider, rail, train, railroad, russian civil war, hopping, speech, hop, clergymen, bless, Army, army, bishop, riding, war, Jump, funny, Civil War, political, Vintage, Uniform, revolutionary, flag, USSR, russia, jump, Train, embark, orthodox, historic, load, troop, history, ussr, Russian, Russia, battlefield, jumping, politics, Horse, travel, russian, clergyman, politician, Throng, board, boarding, Leon Trotsky, Bolshevik, bolshevik, trotsky, saluting, Travel, Hat, package, Troop, Speech, Handshake, leon trotsky, ceremony, traveling, blessing, historical, platform, ride, War, communism, Rail, square, History, enormous, Military, communist, Leader