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Scandalous Behavior

Various quick shots of the Jazz Age. A woman's hands roll her stocking up her leg. A woman blowing cigarette smoke dissolves to hands touching a bottle of chilling champagne. A flapper dances a wild Charleston on a tabletop. Another woman with very short hair wiggles and claps while smiling at a man. A heavily made-up Clara Bow-type plays the piano. A young woman dances wildly while everyone claps, then they laughingly chase her out of the room. A woman drinks deeply from a flask.

Duration18 sec
Keywordsroaring twenties, drinking, wild, vintage, alcohol, cigarette, jazz age, Dancing, dancers, leg, chilling, Vintage, table, Smoking, Table, flask, women's history, history, Dance, tobacco, feminism, gender role, prohibition, charleston, closeup, stockings, dance, flappers, liberated, party, champagne, smoking, fashion, women, History, erotic, style, dancing, bottle, Charleston