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Stock Footage

Alcoholic Commercial Spoof

James Arness introduces a bogus TV liquor commercial that uses incongruous narration with footage and outtakes from CBS shows including Gunsmoke, Have Gun Will Travel and Twilight Zone.

Duration2 min, 58 sec
KeywordsGunsmoke, sound effects, vintage, alcohol, drunk, television, Twilight Zone, tv, Richard Boone, television commercial, Female, spoof, Male, narration, put on, Man, bar, satire, satirical, camp, saloon, famous, Vintage, outtake, Woman, James Arness, Television, cowboy, female, Rod Serling, TV, woman, Have Gun Will Travel, man, male, liquor, campy, funny, film editor, clip, footage, stagger, satirize, satiric, dramatized commercial, barmaid, the twilight zone, western, Amanda Blake, tv commercial, comedy, commercial, old happiness, Famous