Budget Films

Stock Footage

Assorted Concert Clips

Concert clips include audience cheering generic rock guitarists, drummers and saxophonists, glitzy rockettes-style dancers in choreographed routine, Danny Davis playing trumpet and closeup of B.B. King in song.

Duration50 sec
KeywordsPerform, stage, Performing, vintage, applause, crowd, applauding, Performer, precision, Costume, singing, choreography, Female, performer, Male, spectator, Woman, Man, play, amplifier, music, musician, trumpeter, trumpet, singer, drummer, headdress, famous, Vintage, bell bottoms, rock'n'roll, audience, rock and roll, dancer, Electric, contemporary, Cheering, female, Dance, Crowd, woman, kickline, lights, cheer, b.b. king, choreograph, saxophonist, electric, disco, microphone, drums, dance, man, entertaining, guitar, danny davis, male, perform, sing, costume, showgirl, entertainer, Contemporary, performing, Dancing, guitarist, cheering, entertain, Famous, saxophone, dancing, concert, applaud