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Army Nurse Attracts Hitchhikers

A soldier is assigned to drive a pretty red cross nurse in a truck. Jealous rivals sneak aboard the truck. Other soldiers hop aboard the truck before getting flung off over bumpy terrain.

Duration1 min, 27 sec
Keywordseurope, vintage, surreptitious, lineup, humor, bumpy, climb, Soldier, Vintage, sneak, stand, townspeople, attention, Climb, uniform, surreptitiously, drive, transportation, american, military, villager, American, france, jealousy, Europe, hitchhike, woman, World War 1, assignment, assign, irate, french, running, worker, woods, World War I, WW1, climbing, World War One, WWI, truck, First World War, France, ww1, smile, smiling, wwi, Army, army, sneaking, man, war, male, Fall, Uniform, humorous, comedic, comedy, War, jealous, European, line, pretty, slapstick, town, rival, rivalry, driving, flirtatious, wounded, fall, falling, pratfall, troop, female, chase, salute, soldier, forest, GI, world war i, doughboy, world war one, first world war, world war 1, field, saluting, French, attractive, Female, flirt, Male, Man, angry, wound, anger, Troop, run, Run, chasing, hitchhiker, Transportation, Woman, great war, village, gi, red cross, terrain, world war I, nurse, laughing, laugh, wwI, Military, european, Red Cross