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Young Queen's Birthday

A young queen's birthday in court. A noblewoman talks to a prince, the heralds blow their horns, the young queen enters and sits on her thrown. The prince reads a long boring speech from a scroll and everyone yawns and falls asleep. The queen goes into the next room where a girl is dancing for a crowd. When the prince finishes his speech, everyone wakes up and claps, then panics that the queen is gone before finding her in the next room.

Duration3 min, 30 sec
Keywordsvintage, knight, yawn, courtesan, nobility, Girl, royalty, missing, trumpet, child, Royalty, scepter, Vintage, birthday, boring, Sleep, princess, bored, Queen, find, Princess, royal, Prince, bow, sleep, throne, Royal, girl, queen, prince, party, search, noble, court, Child, diplomat