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Arriving At Ellis Island

A point of view shot from a boat pulling up to the main processing building on Ellis Island, is followed by shots of immigrants congregating in front of the building, reclaiming their luggage off a truck, segregated and mixed groups of men and women waving at the camera, looking forlornly at the New York skyline from the pier and from behind a caged window.

Duration59 sec
Keywordsforlorn, cityscape, vintage, woman, Ellis Island, luggage, new york, new York city, Male, Boy, New York Harbor, boat, foreign, dock, Ship, pier, ellis island, child, ship, Transportation, sad, foreigner, emigrant, new york harbor, Woman, caged, New York, expectant, truck, female, New York City, statue of liberty, baggage, Statue of Liberty, New York harbor, skyline, happy, immigration, Vehicle, Child, Statue Of Liberty, man, Skyline, transportation, male, vehicle, new York, Man, arriving, tag, immigrant, Vintage, window, Boat, arrival, new york city, imigrant, tagged, baby, boy, barred, arrive, Female