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Fifties Beach Kids

A boy, a girl and a dog at the beach. Fifties kids: she's got pigtails and he's a chubby boy with a crewcut. She mimes being cold, gestures for them to get out of the water, they dry themselves off and the girl cuddles and pets with the pooch. Quick CU of fingers in dog's fur. Campy educational film.

Duration30 sec
Keywordsrock, vintage, basket, picnic basket, brother, tail, hand, pet, hairstyle, surf, coast, beach blanket, coastline, children, play, playing, blanket, swimming suit, Educational, beach, Ocean, bathing suit, Vintage, wag, Bathing Suit, childhood, sand, petting, towel, dog, fur, finger, Dog, cold, Hand, summer, Finger, Beach, chubby, affection, kitsch, Children, crewcut, swimming, pigtail, rocky coast, Child, educational, sister, ocean, child