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Too Much Water

Various flood shots from a Red Cross disaster documentary. A city street under water, a stranded cat, a man moves his belongings from a mostly submerged house into a long boat, a rescue worker takes a child in his arms, a rescued man pulled on a rope. A quick winter flood shot shows bare trees and ice floating on water, as flood refugees are helped leaving boats. Rescuers carry victims on shoulders. Shots of lightning, clouds, a group of people in rain, wearing ponchos.

Duration1 min, 15 sec
Keywordsrain, vintage, Emergency, rain gear, pain, row, rowing, suffering, pet, cat, Nature, tree, victim, Tree, crisis, rescue, stranded, heroism, Cat, Outdoors, emergency, strand, Water, flood, misery, boat, city, Vintage, help, winter, lightning, Crisis, wet, cloud, abandoned, poncho, cold, hardship, compassion, cooperation, City, outdoors, red cross, Flood, Victim, refugee, Rescue, rowboat, , shoulder, assistance, carry, aid, nature, Boat, water, Red Cross, raincoat