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Communist Peasants & Students

Shots of communist peasants, students and a military officer addressing a large crowd.

Duration27 sec
Keywordsstage, podium, peasant, vintage, pupil, bread, russia, applause, eastern european, clapping, applauding, eating, kerchief, eastern Europe, soviet union, Smoke, smoke, Female, crowd, Male, poland, Czechoslovakia, spectator, Man, czech, officer, soviet, Soldier, iron curtain, Soviet Union, student, teacher, classroom, Eastern Europe, Soviet, study, Speak, Iron Curtain, stump, Smoking, Woman, Polish, Crowd, Hungarian, class, female, hungary, baggage, Speech, Russia, woman, Cold War, soldier, bandana, clap, czechoslovakia, Student, microphone, man, pipe, male, Hungary, Pipe, communism, eastern europe, luggage, speak, military, smoking, Vintage, Poland, hungarian, Communism, Military, speech, communist, polish, cold war, Communist, cart, speaking