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Pushing Inland

Soldiers of the 81st army division push inland from a beach head on Angaur, a Japanese held island in the Palau group. Various shots of soldiers using mortar and flame throwers in the ruined jungle. Corpses, one headless. Tanks firing in shallow water. Quick shots of a bearded, battle-hardened soldier turning his head, another throws a grenade. Advancing soldiers proceed down railroad tracks, one crawling. A row of them stand up in unison. Two soldiers help a limping buddy walk. Quick shot of a medic holding a plasma battle.

Duration1 min, 31 sec
Keywordsrailroad tracks, vintage, unison, artillery, smoke, beard, crawl, action, flame thrower, Soldier, Conflict, japanese, backpack, helmet, rifle, conflict, weapon, uniform, Devastation, Smoke, Helmet, teamwork, Power, Destroy, WWII, military, tank, wwii, world war 2, Tank, courage, Tropical, bravery, war zone, combat zone, valor, pacific theatre, pacific ocean, Angaur, unshaven, Explosion, Emergency, Water, hand grenade, Destruction, palm tree, running, pacific theater, Ocean, tracks, masculine, Army, army, Japan, attack, United states, male, World War 2, plasma, jungle, enemy, Battle, destroy, destruction, warfare, explosion, standup, casualty of war, crawling, tropical, standing, armor, combat, devastation, battle, united states, dead, United States, casualty, medic, Island, ocean, Palm Tree, japan, Japanese, Pacific ocean, Action, soldier, maculinity, cooperation, Palau, macho, corpse, tropic, grenade, friend, male bonding, Uniform, Male, friendship, kill, emergency, killing, Vintage, power, Weapon, Pacific Ocean, sea, island, hell, united States, wwII, water, assistance, headless, Military