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Park Activity In Taipei

Various shots of people in a park in Taipei. Men walk and swing boxes. A man holds a birdcage. A dog out for a walk. People alone and in groups do tai chi and other exercise. Grass, trees, and an interesting Chinese-style gazebo. Quick shot of a domed building.

Duration58 sec
Keywordsasia, vintage, Asia, lady, grass, slow, woman, exercise, Architecture, Lady, building, Female, taiwan, tree, group, nationalist, formosa, Dog, China, unison, moving, china, asian, city, architecture, bird, Vintage, Man, urban, Tree, dome, Woman, Taipei, dog, marshal arts, female, Asian, Building, Taiwan, stretch, Formosa, push-up, park, oriental, man, stretching, Nationalist, Bird, tai chi, neoclassical, pet, birdcage, City, Dome, going for a walk, morning, walking, movement, men, Men, walking a dog, activity, gazebo