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Vintage French Models

Paris fashions: Women model corsets for a customer in a dress shop, two shots of women admiring their ornate hats in the mirror, many shots of models strutting and sitting with lots of attitude, three women sip drinks through straws at a table, another woman puts sugar in a friend's cup with deliberate ceremony.

Duration1 min, 24 sec
KeywordsEurope, europe, reflection, sip, vintage, model, strolling, mirror, admire, woman, drinking, stroll, well-dressed, rich, French, idle rich, Female, wealthy, parisian, City, fashionable, idle class, parasol, straw, ceremony, Hat, pose, dress, french, priviledged, admiring, tea, attitude, Straw, posing, drink, picture hat, Vintage, city, underwear, modelling, deliberate, Woman, Paris, modeling, female, France, shop, corset, lingerie, Ceremony, strut, haute couture, coffee cup, strutting, shopping, teacup, hat, Drink, paris, fashion, umbrella, france, coffee