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Last Stop: Southampton

Passengers on deck of the SS France looks at the seaport of Southampton, England. Lots of shots of passengers and ports. Shot of the ship moving towards the horizon, a woman climbs stairs to an upper deck, a crewmember watches television monitors, passengers visit friends in a cabin and watch TV. Sweeping aerial shot of the ship moving through the ocean.

Duration2 min, 25 sec
Keywordsmonitor, europe, vintage, television, tv, Monitor, stateroom, smoke, handshake, Television, ocean liner, maiden, dock, officer, passenger, taking a picture, cruise ship, shaking hands, sightseer, southampton, luxury liner, Vintage, railing, binoculars, fly, Harbor, staff, uniform, Smoke, shake hands, watch, watching television, Boat, cruise, france, voyage, Europe, visit, greeting, ss france, woman, sea, camera, aerial, steward, flying, Water, Ship, program, french, Ocean, seagull, rail, photographer, Fly, France, bow, man, watching, male, TV, kitschy, kitsch, Photograph, Uniform, United kingdom, water, European, England, Camera, harbor, berth, watching tv, skim, boat, united kingdom, pier, photograph, marina, ocean, ship, bird, liner, greet, female, smokestack, show, Southampton, stern, console, Program, SS France, cabin, deck, port, england, French, Female, frenchmen, Male, horizon, ship's officer, upper deck, sixites, Wind, sightseeing, Handshake, Man, Woman, steam, seaport, United Kingdom, windy, Greet, wind, Bird, Rail, visiting, steamship, european