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Montage Of Shipbuilders

A montage of workers building a luxury liner. Includes many shots of welders, ship components being raised and lowered into place, building the hull. Also a wide shot of the shipyard.

Duration59 sec
KeywordsBretagne, river, Brittany, vintage, Harvest of Ships, blue collar, La Briere, SS France, work, la briere, bretagne, montage, French, building, Build, build, weld, Male, Mask, welder, saint nazaire, boat, hull, Ship, shipyard, cruise ship, welding, shipbuilder, french, luxury liner, skeleton, Spray, worker, ship, mask, shell, River, Vintage, Man, liner, hoisting, industrial, ss france, loire river, France, Building, Work, protective, shipbuilding, lifting, spark, man, male, protection, hoist, Boat, brittany, lift, steamship, lavriere, signal, spraying, frenchmen, loire, Signal, france, harvest of ships, signaling, spray, skeletal