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Harlem School Kids

Harlem streets. Young children on their way to school walk past unemployed men hanging out on corners. CU of man and WS of him leaning against lamp post, smoking. Children rushing, a few holding mothers' hands. Fifties and sixties cars. Vintage advertising sign says: "Are you tired? Pep up with supervitamins."

Duration2 min, 24 sec
Keywordshurry, vintage, apartment building, graffiti, unemployment, cigarette, friend, Street, hang out, despair, City, smoke, new york, Girl, Black, Boy, children, Man, bus, racism, hanging out, notebook, tenement, racial, street life, child, Walk, pedestrian, school, architecture, city, Vintage, New York, urban, winter, Harlem, scarf, traffic, Smoking, old, mean streets, race, advertising, Building, sign, coat, slum, street corner, African American, african american, Child, store, Architecture, man, Smoke, girl, Negro, street, vitamin, rush, inner city, poverty, ghetto, harlem, employment agency, hopelessness, smoking, Children, youth, young, Race, lamp post, black, boy, building, walk, new York, School, negro, headscarf