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Villain Brings Damsel To Shack

Shots of villain and girl riding horses to shack, villain helping girl dismount. Inside shack, closeup of cowboy playing solitaire. Cowboy and sister hug and kiss. They're taunted by the villain, who punches and shove the cowboy to the floor. Girl pleads with villain after he pulls gun on cowboy. Shot of man in white hat galloping along trail.

Duration1 min, 18 sec
Keywordscard, vintage, intertitle, brother, hurt, reunion, Valley, jean arthur, reuniting, embracing, sibbling, gun, shove, horses, hayseed, Rescue, white hat, cowboy hat, villain, family, floor, holding, Mountain, woman, evil, abusing, hurting, kissing, horseback, dismount, horse, crashing, man, male, abusive, corner, abuse, mean, shoving, sock, sibling, revolver, Crash, riding, silent, west, shack, hug, hero, leave, hugging, pleading, plead, crash, melodrama, melodramatic, taunt, taunting, ride, cowboy, female, gender role, mountain, damsel, Horse, punching, punch, western, wimp, firearm, left, forlorn, hold, glum, wimpy, gallop, weak, Female, galloping, Male, Man, title, rescue, 20th Century, black hat, Twentieth Century, wally wales, tearing loose, Vintage, tearin' loose, Kiss, help, slimy, helping, Family, Woman, solitaire, bad man, socking, twentieth century, 20th century, cards, push, kiss, leaving, embrace, cabin, pistol, slime, pushing, fighting, fight, valley, sister