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Pancho Villa & Mexican War

Three shots of Pancho Villa in the company of his troops. A soldier stands sentry with a dog along a river. Barbed wire fence along Mexican border. Shots of Mexican women and children refugees fleeing across border to USA, moving through trenches. Smoke rises from burning tracks on a railroad bridge. Shots of a derailed train in Texas. Several shots of destructive aftermath of battle in Columbia, New Mexico. Broken windows, bullet holes.

Duration1 min, 21 sec
KeywordsTwentieth Century, vintage, escaping, flowing, smoke, escort, outlaw, children, Politics, child, civil war, Soldier, mexican, fence, Political, Smoking, desert, dog, Wave, mother, rifle, colombia, uniform, gun, skirmish, sabotage, patroling, Smoke, exodus, burn, Destroy, destroying, Columbia, canal, Fire, military, new mexico, boy, burning, Burn, leader, broken, derailment, woman, name, united States, Track, Destruction, vandalism, derail, running, mexican war, track, tracks, train, Army, railroad, carrying, teens, Dog, trench, army, shattered, vandalize, man, war, United states, icon, kid, sentry, Civil War, break, glass, destroy, Children, destruction, Uniform, stream, Child, War, shatter, derailing, pancho villa, bandit, patrol, flow, safety, united states, bullet hole, United States, Train, male, escape, vandal, refugee, troop, WAVE, soldier, hurried, Pancho Villa, politics, girl, columbia, fleeing, smoking, mom, women, flee, barbed wire, foxhole, political, Canal, Desert, Boy, New Mexico, wave, Ruin, mexico, Mom, lake, Girl, Male, waving, Mexico, Man, Military, son, Troop, Mother, run, Run, locomotive, fire, smoky, Vintage, Woman, ruin, fighting, mascot, escorting, twentieth century, 20th century, daughter, barb wire, hurrying, Mexican, hurry, Exodus, asylum, window, carry, border, fight, 20th Century, wreck, Colombia, Leader