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Barcelona 60s Homemovie

60s tourism b-roll clips of Barcelona Spain. Arriving passengers and crew walking on an airport tarmac. An old wooden sailing ship docked. A monument to Christopher Columbus at the Plaza Portal de la Pau. Views of an open air market with people walking about. Exterior of the Poble Espanyol, an old Spanish village. View of an empty open air plaza and surrounding old buildings. High panning view of the Plaza de Espana, a roundabout street. Exterior of La Sagrada Familia temple. The Giradabo ferris wheel at the Tibidabo amusement park. A filled arena with spectators watch a bullfight with a matador armed with a cape and sword gracefully dodging a charging bull with spears lodged on its back. Exteriors of castles, towers and cathedrals. Palm trees lining a street. Modern 60s resort along the Mediterranean Sea with stairs leading to a sundeck and a man floating and enjoying the pool by himself. Beach with thatched roofed cabanas, two women walking up steps to a lookout point, view of the rocky beach terrain and surrounding road. Two locals riding a horse drawn carriage. Man harvesting fruits from tree. Montage clip of resort, ship and sea. Exterior of La Sagrada Familia temple


Duration0 minutes
GenreEducational , Travel
Keywordshomemovie, spain, Travel, Spain, travel