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Puerto Rico

Footage of Puerto Rico including the Puerto Rican and American flags, an airplane shortly after take off, a cruise ship in port with smaller boats, a view of a hotel through palm trees, pedestrians on the sidewalk, the shoreline with buildings, a CU of a slot machine and a blackjack table, a beach with many people and buildings in the background and a view of the island with buildings and the ocean on both sides.

Duration36 sec
KeywordsSky, cloudy, People, Tourist, Puerto Rico, plams, casino, port, resorts, harbor, buildings, on-screen playback, building, channel surfing, american flag, shoreline, coast, plane, tree, airplane, Transportation, Ocean, Ship, Palm Tree, cruise ship, Hotel, walking, shore, palm tree, ocean, boats, pedestrian, sky, ship, clouds, automobile, skyscraper, gamble, Automobile, Tree, cloud, Travel, contemporary, car, palm, businessman, flags, Building, American flag, highrise, hotel, caribbean, Beach, trees, Vehicle, Airplane, gambling, takeoff, transportation, blackjack table, tourists, resort, vehicle, slot machine, travel, Plane, vacation, hotels, coastline, Boat, people, Caribbean, tourist, boat, carribbean, tourism, carribean, flag, beach, Car