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Peruvian Music & Dance

In a Peruvian village, young men perform a dance of gratitude as musicians play traditional instruments. More dancers perform a dance of rejoicing. Rich CU of man playing harp. Appealing CUs of dancers, spectators who smile. Colorful, fascinating footage shows more dances, more CUs of Indian spectators.

Duration4 min, 2 sec
Keywordsindians, vintage, religious, religion, performing, Costume, anthropology, Dance, traditional, South America, spectator, Peru, dancers, onlookers, performances, music, dress, villages, drink, south america, peru, guitars, Vintage, smiles, emotions, culture, smile, smiling, emotional, happy, ceremonies, ethnic, rituals, native American, dance, Indians, musicians, harps, stringed, ethnographic, harpists, Native American, costume, Chincheros, Anthropology, Drink, instrument, native american, Dancing, folk dance, strings, dancing, ceremonial