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Circus Woman & Bear, Acrobats

A female trainer dances and rides a bicycle with a bear in the circus. Female tumblers perform flips across the ring.

Duration53 sec
KeywordsTumble, vintage, tumbling, applause, Circus, performer, woman, Child, bicycling, acrobat, entertain, Girl, Female, crowd, Boy, circus, flip, spectator, Woman, Train, dancer, child, Crowd, skirt, Vintage, rider, tumble, trained, audience, perform, train, Dancing, female, large bicycle, smile, applauding, happy, Pedal, oversized, Bicycle, dance, riding, entertaining, pedaling, girl, back flip, ride, acrobatic, tumbler, bicycle, trainer, pedal, laugh, entertainer, performing, fun, somersault, Dance, ring, bear, tall, baby, summersault, boy, dancing, customized, applaud