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Weather Forecasting

A vintage clip of meteorologists forecasting weather. Shots of weather instruments including thermometers, an anemometer and a weather vane. Good shots of a cloudy sky, a ship in stormy seas, maps of the United States with air pressure, the weather in the newspaper, CU of a graph, people depart on an airplane, a captain looks through binoculars and sees flags, waves crash over the bow of a ship.

Duration10 min, 49 sec
Keywordsvintage, storm, Educational, scientist, science, educational, lake, map, airplane, radio, newspaper, ocean, sky, ship, clouds, cloud, sea, mountains, bow, mountain, thermometer, water, maps, telephone, instrument, thermometers, anemometer, rain gauge, meteorologists, printout, meteorologist, graph, flag, weather vane, informational, captain, Captain