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Alaskan Beauty Shots

Beautiful Alaska is highlighted in shot of trees reflected in still water, zooming out from water to wooded shore. A brown bear stands with rear legs in water, front paws on rock eating something near shore. Beautiful shot of wooded hill and valley. Aerial shot of snow-covered mountain. Man walks in valley with snowcapped mountain in background. Two men stand in stream near inflatable rafts. Zoom out from fisherman reeling in his catch to two wine bottles perched on shore.

Duration46 sec
Keywordsreflection, animal, scenic, rafting, shrubery, Nature, Valley, Tree, Walk, plant, alaska, outside, outdoors, hill, reflect, bottle, mammal, pine, reeling, Mountain, eating, eat, tree, green, Hill, shore, wine, paws, inflatable, brook, zoom out, zooming out, inflated, sporting, woods, fish, serenity, snowcapped, man, United states, male, lush, beauty shot, sportsman, walking, hiking, nature, hike, walk, water, greenery, pretty, Alaska, united states, reflecting, outdoor, United States, sports, fisherman, fishing, plants, reel, contemporary, trees, forest, mountain, Catch, catch, Fish, Fishing, lake, Water, habitat, catching, Eat, Male, Man, Outdoor, Outdoors, scenery, raft, twentieth century, celebrate, serene, 20th century, Plant, alaskan, valley, brown bear